Broadband Benefits for Government

Americans can check their bank accounts, communicate with customer service representatives and do their shopping anytime, anywhere by using applications enabled by broadband. Americans now expect this level of service from their government.

Look at what South Dakota State Government has already done
Many state forms can be processed entirely online for immediate service online. In fact, 97% of the state’s transactions with citizens and businesses can be done online. As of January 2011, SD state government agencies maintain 405,000 webpages.

Government performance and civic engagement. Within government, broadband can drive greater efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery and internal operations. It can also improve the quantity and quality of civic engagement by providing a platform for meaningful engagement with representatives and agencies. Through its own use of broadband, government can support local efforts to deploy broadband, particularly in unserved communities. To achieve these goals, the plan includes recommendations to:
  • Allow state and local governments to purchase broadband from federal contracts such as Networx.
  • Improve government performance and operations through cloud computing, cybersecurity, secure authentication and online service delivery.
  • Increase civic engagement by making government more open and transparent, creating a robust public media ecosystem and modernizing the democratic process.