The Benefits of Broadband are Enormous

Broadband (commonly referred to as high-speed Internet access) available to everyone in South Dakota promises to make life more livable, businesses more productive, jobs more plentiful, and the Internet more accessible. From families, government, agriculture, economic development, education for adults and our children, public safety, EVERYONE in South Dakota can benefit from better broadband.

This project will serve to increase access to and use of broadband to better serve our citizens. With broadband everywhere, we can realize improved economic development, access to education and health care, enhanced public safety, improved government efficiencies, increased tourism, greater access to telework opportunities and more.

Tell us your story - how have you benefited from broadband?

“At the end of the day the most important thing about this initiative is how we can improve the lives of the citizens in South Dakota through increased Broadband”

- Jim Edman, Broadband Program Manager
Bureau of Information & Telecommunications

"Better Broadband Leads to Better Lives"

Broadband is the great infrastructure challenge of the early 21st century.

Like electricity a century ago, broadband is a foundation for economic growth, job creation, global competitiveness and a better way of life. It is enabling entire new industries and unlocking vast new possibilities for existing ones. It is changing how we educate children, deliver health care, manage energy, ensure public safety, engage government, and access, organize and disseminate knowledge.