Beyond the dollars that can be saved with an Internet connection, being online brings unquantifiable advantages for consumers. Advantages like access to education, job opportunities, social networking and on-demand information.

What can I do to support this program?
We have many ways you can become involved and help support the State of South Dakota Broadband program. Your help and support will only help improve your high speed Internet capabilities! Read below for a few ways you can get involved today!

Take a Broadband Speed Test
The quickest and easiest way to help is to take a broadband speed test.

We encourage everyone in South Dakota to support this program by conducting the speed test, as many times in as many places as possible! In fact, we encourage you to take the speed test more than once, since speeds will vary, based on many variables such as time of day.

Why a speed test? Why do we appreciate you doing this for us? As we collect and analyze the data, we can determine where we need to build and improve upon broadband coverage across the entire State. So, what we are saying is that by you doing these speed tests it will only help improve your high speed Internet capabilities!