Get Involved

What can I do to support this program?
We have many ways you can become involved and help support the South Dakota Broadband Initiative. Your help and support will only help improve your high-speed Internet capabilities! Read below for a few ways you can get involved today!

Take a survey.
As part of our planning and strategies, we need to first determine the current broadband availability and usage. These surveys help us determine how our citizens are currently utilizing broadband, if they have access, if they don’t have access – what barriers exist, as well as other future needs of all relevant sectors across our state. All South Dakotan’s should take a survey – even if you don’t have Internet access. If you need a paper survey just let us know and we will mail one to you.

Our current Broadband Survey Results are available on our Results Page.

Tell us where there is a lack of service.
In addition to taking speed tests, you can also contact us with any additional details of broadband service or the lack of service in your area.

Tell us your story.
How has broadband changed your life? Do you have a story that you'd like to share? To help show your interest in the South Dakota Broadband project, we would greatly appreciate your time to share your story with us.

Be Informed - Stay Informed.
Educate yourself on the benefits of broadband. Find out what new and innovative technologies are available as a result of “always on” high speed Internet! Check back to this site often to stay informed with the most current information. Keep up with this project and connect with us on our Twitter and Facebook page.

Tell us where the Public WiFi Hotspots are.
Let us know where you access Broadband from Public WiFi Hotspot locations. As we collect this data, we can determine where we need to build and improve upon broadband coverage across the entire State.

How can a telecommunications or broadband company get involved?
Participation from telecommunications and broadband companies is critical to the success of the program. Here in South Dakota we are lucky to have great broadband providers of which almost all of them are involved in helping provide data or other methods of involvement. If you are with a broadband company within South Dakota and are not yet involved, please Contact Us to be included in the program.