Interactive Maps

The State intends for citizens and their businesses to be able to determine where broadband services exist and to what level these services are provided at their home, business, or community institutions. These maps will be kept up to date to show the expected evolution of broadband services across South Dakota in the coming years.

What can we expect to see in these Interactive Map?
The best way to know is to check out the Interactive map and “click around”. Beyond the trial and error methods, you can anticipate being able to…

  • See where Broadband is available based on
  • Wireless Technology
  • Wireline Technology
  • Type of technology available
    • i.e. Fiber to the home, Cable Modem, DSL, Fixed Wireless, etc.
  • Speed of Internet connection
    • i.e. show me only areas where 10Mbps speeds are available
  • Find a Community Anchor Institution
  • Map the speed tests – and results – across the State of South Dakota

If you have questions about the State of South Dakota Interactive Maps, please contact us.