Provider Portal

Since accurate data is critical for broadband planning, we needed a way to gather information about what providers in South Dakota offer our citizens. Also, another purpose of the SBDD (State Broadband Data & Development) program is to gather, and report to NTIA data twice a year on the availability, speed, and location of broadband services.

This data will be used by government policy makers in South Dakota, and the NTIA (National Telecommunications and Information Administration) to generate (and keep updated) a public searchable, interactive National Broadband Map, under the Broadband Data Improvement Act of 2008. Basically, the data helps us locally as well as being a part of a much bigger picture.

This Provider Portal is a website built for the companies that provide broadband within South Dakota to be able to review their data as known to the State of South Dakota.

If you are a broadband provider in South Dakota but are not yet a part of this program, and want to be, please contact us and let us know.