Since accurate data is critical for broadband planning, another purpose of the SBI program was to gather data twice a year on the availability, speed, and location of broadband services. We are very appreciative of the many high speed Internet providers in South Dakota. Almost all of them have been in contact with us asking how they can help make this project successful for the betterment of South Dakota.

"We really can't give enough credit to the Providers who
have stepped up to help us with this program."

- Jim Edman, Broadband Program Manager
Bureau of Information & Telecommunications

In order to develop a benchmark of where broadband currently exists and does not exist, the project is working with Internet service providers (ISPs) across the state. The data collected is being aggregated into maps that reveal unserved and underserved communities, which are those with only one ISP option and/or speeds that do not meet the FCC’s minimum definition of basic broadband. These maps will be uploaded to this website when completed. Understanding where service exists will be a tool for ISPs looking to expand into unserved and underserved communities.

From the data collected from these providers, plans are for on-line interactive maps to be added to this website. This feature will allow visitors to the site to identify which Internet service providers, if any, provide broadband access in their community.