Broadband Survey Results

We would like to say THANKS to everyone who has taken the time to fill out our surveys. This input is very valuable to our project and ultimately contributes to a state and national effort to help improve broadband connectivity in rural areas, and most importantly in our communities.

State of South Dakota Agriculture community:

2012 Internet Usage of South Dakota's Ag Producers

Results by the Numbers Pamphlet Ag Survey Results by the numbers.pdf
In-depth analysis report State Broadband Initiative Ag Survey Report.pdf
Results of each individual survey question
               Some general analysis specific to the question
Ag-Survey Report- Each Question.pdf
Cross tabulation tables
               If you want to better understand how two different survey items inter-relate, then review these cross tabulations.
Ag-Survey Cross Tabs.xls
Question results by county.
               Examine the results per county and compare with others.
Ag-Survey By County.xls
Results of each of the questions as raw data
                Without any analysis
Ag-Survey Each Question.xls

State of South Dakota Residents:

The residential survey is still available.  You opinion is important to us.  Tell us how you are utilizing or wish you could use the Internet at home. Please take the residential survey.

State of South Dakota Businesses:

The business survey is still available.  You opinion is important to us.  How does broadband (high-speed Internet), or lack of it, affect your business? Please take the business survey.