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Purpose and Objectives:

As part of the statewide broadband mapping project these surveys are being conducted with various sectors across our state. We are doing these surveys to collect information on:

  • The availability of broadband (high speed Internet)
  • The uses, benefits, drivers, and barriers for broadband
These results will assist us in our verification efforts of service coverage data provided by service providers. The results will also provide insights into opportunities for increasing broadband availability as well as increased utilization of broadband-enabled applications and uses for all South Dakotans.

State Of South Dakota Residents:
Do you use a computer from home, or wish you could? Do you use the Internet for everything or not at all? Tell us how you are utilizing or wish you could use the Internet at home. Please take the residential survey.

State of South Dakota Agriculture community:
How does broadband (high-speed Internet), or lack of it, affect your agriculture operation? How do you currently utilize the Internet for? Please take the agriculture survey.

State of South Dakota Businesses:
How does broadband (high-speed Internet), or lack of it, affect your business? Have you lost business because of lack of broadband? Can your business survive without high speed Internet? Please take the business survey.