Broadband Stories

Conde (8 miles into the country) Rural South Dakota has proven to work out very well for having a store on Ebay. We have broadband access into this relatively isolated area. I sell consignments and specialize in toy and model trains, metal toys, and Christmas decorations. Most of my consignment clients contact me by word of mouth or talk to me at train and collectible shows. I also occasionally buy items to list on Ebay at auctions and estate sales. The greatest assets of working from rural South Dakota is being able to enjoy country living, very low overhead and ability to offer low shipping rates to the rest of the country from this more or less central location. USPS Priority Mail is great for providing boxes and pick-up services. I enjoy having a choice of work hours and being able to close my Ebay store and take off if I care to. I anticipate getting cellular broadband connection and taking my "store" on the road.
Estelline We live in the Township of Estelline...About 4 years ago, DSL reached us on Lake Poinsett...the service is okay...though we're just a little out of reach for the signal to work really well...our download is very slow...but at least we get it. The reason we wanted this is because my sister and her family live in Denmark. We rely on Skype to is a voice and video internet app' allowing us to 'visit' electronically. Our hearts wouldn't be the same without it! We also use it to see the rest of our family on the East we are grateful though we wish we could acquire faster download to save money on entertainment costs (download movies etc.) Thanks! Sue and Gary Fisher
Yankton Wild Blue internet service through B-Y Electric is not worth what it costs. If I am reading on the internet and it refers me to another site the wheel spins while it is starting to download and that is OK. Then it prints a few lines and then it stops and the wheel spins for a while and then a few more lines and on and on that way. Very frustrating. I am not a geek so I am not sure what is or is not going on but I know I am paying about fifty dollars per month to be jerked around. If you can't or will not improve your service then I will need to find a different internet provider.
Buffalo I grew up in Sioux Falls, SD and growing up when I convinced my parents to switch from dial up to broadband it was the greatest thing that ever happened. Growing up I had 20 meg speeds and had no lag time doing basically anything online. I then attended DSU in Madison, SD and had good internet speeds on campus in town there as well. When I lived off campus I had 20 meg internet just like my parents through the same provider Midcontinent Communications. Now I am the technology coordinator in Harding County School District in Buffalo, SD. When I moved up here I said I could deal with living in the middle of no where as long as I had high speed internet. When I first arrived in the homes we had 1 meg internet now they have bumped us to 2 meg internet in the homes. Currently at the school I am at we run a single T1 line and this is not enough bandwidth to run a school on. In the homes there is no reason the home speeds should be so slow the telco that my service is through has fiber run all through the county to basically every residence. Right now I have to wait until almost all my neighbors are offline to stream netflix. Not only do I have to wait to do that but to do updates to my Mac Computer it is so bad that i can start them one day at noon and they wont finish downloading until the following morning. When setting a computer up at school and downloading windows updates it takes almost a day and a half to download and install all the windows updates due to slow internet speeds.
Stickney I grew up and currently still live in Stickney, SD. We got dial-up Internet at our house in about 1994 or so I'm guessing, when I was about 8 years old. I look back now on the days of "waiting patiently" for the dial-up modem to connect with the ISP and the 30 kbps or so speeds we received. In the rare instance that I am somewhere that only has a dial-up connection, it makes me think how far things have come since then. The technology has changed immensely since the mid 90's and so have the Internet connection technologies and as a result, the speed of the connection. We got broadband(DSL) at our house in 1999 or so, when I was about 13. With the "always on" connection and much faster speeds that DSL provided over dial-up, I found myself doing many more things on the Internet. I had always been interested in computers and technology. The new, better connection only made my interest peak even more. I now had a connection which made it possible to research and learn new things whether it be via electronic documents, tech articles, videos, etc. It also made it much faster to download software so that I could learn new things. After seeing what the last 15 years have brought, I cannot even imagine where we will be in another 15 years, in 2026. Broadband has changed my life immensely, so much so that I chose IT as my career path after graduating high school in 2005. I then went on to receive my Associates degree and am now building my career in the IT arena. I don't know what I'd be doing if it weren't for broadband, but I know there's nothing else I'd rather be doing!
Spearfish I work at a university and depend on high speed Internet access. I spend my days at work utilizing high speed Internet and managing the systems that provide the service to our network users. However, at night it’s like I go back twenty-five years in time because I live in rural Spearfish and do not have broadband access through either a cable company or a phone company. I tried Wild Blue satellite service but it is quite expensive, has spotty service, slow speed and you are limited in the amount of usage. Since accessing work remotely is a necessity, I have purchased and subscribed to Verizon Wireless and use a USB modem. My speed is still limited and I am still limited on usage. Someone please bring high-speed Internet access/broadband to rural South Dakota. On another note, I browsed to my address on this page and it says I have Midcontinent available at my address which is incorrect.
box Elder The Ellsworth Air Force Base is between us and the tower. VZ blames the slow broadband on the base. I don't know for sure. We are at about 130KBS on a good day. When the smart phones came out we started getting disconnected more and the broadband got slower. Have to drive to a truck stop to really get anything done.
Sioux Falls Here in Sioux Falls there are 4 maybe 5 Internet providers. VZW= 1-5 mb on a 4g connection with a data cap at 4 gigs Bridge MAXX= 1.5 maybe 3 mb, no cap right now Qwest/ CenturyLink= 300 KBS to 5 mb on a good day no cap, But lets face it 4 gigs on a 300 kbs connection would take a lot longer then a month to achieve. Knology= They say 15 mb really only 8. Unless you "upgrade" to their "fast" 25 mb which is really 19-20 ish mb. No cap. Also no guarantee for service area and/or up time. Midco= 30 mb for their "reasonable" speed, 50 mb for their "faster" connection and 100 mb for "Oh My God this is fast" mb. Hands down Midco has the Sioux Falls area in good hands.

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